Summer 2017

The VISAP’17 Call for Submissions is now open. VISAP’17, chaired by Angus Forbes and Jeremy Boy, showcases innovative projects that explores novel intersections between art, design and visualization. The theme this year is Sustain and Decay; submissions to both the exhibition track and papers track are due on June 23rd.

Congratulations Anıl! Anıl Çamcı has accepted a faculty position in the Department of Performing Arts Technology at University of Michigan.

Congratulations Kyle! Kyle has accepted a summer internship position at HERE Technologies where he will devlelop software to analyze transporation and traffic data.

Congratulations Kristine and Xing! Kristine Lee and Xing Li have accepted summer internship positions at Harvard Medical School, and will be working on biology visualization projects as part of an ongoing collaboration between Walter Fontana and Angus Forbes.

Spring 2017

Angus Forbes receives the 2017 UIC College of Engineering Faculty Research Award.

Shiwangi Singh’s work on using machine learning to automatically discover patterns in cosmology mass maps, a collaboration with the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center, is featured in the O’Reily article “A Look at Deep Learning for Science.”

Hai Tran’s work with the UIC Mathematical Computing Laboratory on developing games in virtual hyperbolic space is featured in Nature.

Two multimedia works by Anıl Çamcı, Temas and Synthcity, are accepted to the International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA), and will be presented in Manizales, Colombia in June.

Liz Marai and Angus Forbes are co-chairing the Workshop on Biological Data Visualization at the ISCB Great Lakes Bioinformatics Conference (GLBIO’17), which will take place in Chicago on May 15-17, 2017.

Angus Forbes is selected to serve as the Art Papers Chair for SIGGRAPH 2018, taking place in Vancouver, Canada in August, 2018.

Tuan Dang and Angus Forbes have two papers accepted to IEEE Pacific Visualization (PacificVis), to be presented in Seoul, Korea in April.

Andres Puragto’s work on spatiotemporal brain networks is being presented at IEEE/EMBS International Conference on Biomedical and Health Informatics (BHI) in Orlando, Florida in February.

Angus Forbes is visiting The University of Ohio’s Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design and giving a talk in the Department of Design on February 2nd.

CS 523, Multimedia Systems, is being taught by Angus Forbes on Tuesdays from 3:30pm to 6pm in ERF 2068.

Fall 2016

Angus Forbes and Anıl Çamcı are hosting the UIC Technology Digitals Lunch, organized by Hannah Higgins, at EVL on November 11th.

Congratulations Marco! Marco Cavallo has accepted a full-time data science position at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center (TWRC) in Yorktown Heights.

Anıl Çamcı is performing his stochastic multimedia work, Temas, as part of the Oscillations series at the Experimental Sound Studio on November 12th.

The VISAP’16 schedule is now online. The program features a week of events, including the Metamorphoses media arts and design exhibition, two papers sessions, the Critical Visualization panel discussion, and a tour of studios at MICA, the Maryland Institute of Contemporary Art.

Dr. Bryan Pardo of Northwestern University’s Interactive Audio Lab is presenting a talk on “Rethinking Audio Production Interfaces” as part of the UIC Audio Engineering Society lecture series.

Paul Murray, Fintan McGee, and Angus Forbes have a journal article accepted to BMC Bionformatics, to be presented by Paul Murray at BioVis’16 during IEEE VIS on October 23rd.

Angus Forbes is giving a talk at University of Texas at Dallas’ School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication on September 26th.

Anıl Çamcı is presenting two papers at the International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Welcome Johnson! Johnson GadElkarim joins the Creative Coding Research Group as a post-doctoral researcher to develop new interactive visualization tools for biomedical data. Johnson has a background in electrical engineering, signal processing, and computer graphics, and is interested in exploring the intersections between medical imaging and mathematical modeling. He will also work with Dr. Alex Leow and the Collaborative Neuroimaging Environment for Connectomics.

Congratulations Paul! Paul Murray has accepted a developer position at The New York Times’ Interactive News Desk.

CS 424, Visualization and Visual Analytics 1, is being taught by Angus Forbes on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30pm to 4:45pm in ERF 2068.

Summer 2016

The Creative Coding Research Group recieves a COE Annual Fund award to design and implement an ambisonic sound system. Through this award, we will create a state-of-the-art audio system to support research and applications related to spatialized 3D audio and virtual sonic environments.

The artist Erica Mott visits the Creative Coding Research Group in mid-July for a week-long session to rehearse a new project, Mycelial: Networked Bodies. The project is inspired by the Arab Spring digital solidarity movement and aims to bridge the organic and digital ecosystems of organization and to understand collective living in a culture of instantaneity.

The VISAP’16 Call for Papers and Artworks is now open. VISAP’16, chaired by Angus Forbes and Fanny Chevalier, showcases innovative artwork and research that explores novel intersections between art, design, and visualization. The theme this year is Metamorphoses. Submissions are due on June 24th.

Congratulations Tuan! Tuan Dang has accepted a faculty position in the Department of Computer Science at Texas Tech University, to begin Fall 2016.

Congratulations Marco! Marco Cavallo has accepted an internship position at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center (TWRC) in Yorktown Heights, New York over the summer.

Anıl Çamcı has two papers accepted to New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME), to be presented in mid-July in Brisbane, Australia.

Tuan Dang, Nick Pendar, and Angus Forbes have a paper accepted to EuroVis’16. The paper, titled “TimeArcs: Visualizing Fluctuations in Dynamic Networks”, will be presented in Gronigen, Netherlands in June.

Angus Forbes is giving a keynote presentation at the ICTD 2016 Workshop on Innovation across Countries in Ann Arbor, Michigan on June 6th.

Spring 2016

Angus Forbes is visiting Northeastern University’s Information Design and Visualization graduate program on April 7th to discuss recent visualization projects.

Angus Forbes is presenting an invited talk at the Festival on the Hill’s Symposium on Music, Science, and Nature on April 2nd at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Congratulations Anıl! Anıl Çamcı has been awarded an ACM CHI artist grant to present his new artwork, Distractions, at Art.CHI Inter/Action, the ACM CHI 2016 Art Exhibition, curated by Ernest Edmonds and Jason Challas.

Liz Marai, Angus Forbes, and Andy Johnson are presenting a paper at the IEEE VR Workshop on Immersive Analytics in Greenville, South Carolina on March 20th.

Anıl Çamcı and Marco Cavallo both have papers accepted to the inaugural IEEE VR Workshop on Mixed Reality Art, to be presented in Greenville, South Carolina in March.

Kyle Almryde and Brenda Lopez are giving a talk about their research in Learning Science to students at the Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School on January 27th.

Kyle Almryde is attending the EduCoder’s mid-January retreat, a working group made up of researchers at UIC and the University of Toronto who are developing and implementing a new educational application called WallCology.

Cem Cakmak, Anıl Çamcı, and Angus Forbes have a paper accepted to the CHI 2016 Workshop on Music and HCI to be presented May 7th in San Jose, California.

Congratulations Paul! Paul Murray is a 2016 NSF ESP-IGERT Fellow for the Interdisciplinary Graduate Engineering Research Traineeship in Electronic Security and Privacy.

Angus Forbes is a key personnel on “Making the West Side: Community Conversations on Neighborhood Change”, an NEH Humanities in The Public Square grant awarded to Jennifer Scott, Director of the Jane Addams Hull House Museum. Angus will serve as data visualization consultant, creating a dynamic, interactive map of Chicago’s West Side that will incorporate audio and visual primary source material.

Angus Forbes is serving as a conference chair for Computational Aesthetics, part of the Expressive’16 joint program co-located with Eurographics in Lisbon, Portugal, May 7-9. Paper submissions are due on Febraury 7; abstracts are required the week before.

Welcome Brett! Brett Balogh joins the Creative Coding Research Group part-time as a Visiting Researcher exploring novel interactive visualizations of the electromagnetic spectrum and communications networks.

Welcome Tejus, Andrea, and Malvika! Tejus Bharadwaj, Andrea Purgato, and Malvika Kumar join the Creative Coding Research Group as MS students to investigate topics in dynamic network visualization and GPGPU programming.

CS 491/DES 400, Creative Coding 1, co-listed in Computer Science and Design, is being taught by Angus Forbes and Daria Tsoupikova on Tuesdays from 4:00pm to 6:30pm in ADS 2400C.

Fall 2015

Angus Forbes and Paul Murray are visiting the The New York Times Research & Development group on Decemeber 17th.

Marco Cavallo’s Team Italy is one of the winning teams for the Chicago Hackathon for Wildlife.

Angus Forbes is awarded an Applications and Core Technology University Research (ACT-UR) grant from Keysight Technologies to develop novel visualization tools for electronic measurements.

Anıl Çamcı is presenting his recent research on sound in virtual reality to the UIC Chapter of the Audio Engineering Society on December 3rd at 5pm.

Anıl Çamcı is giving an invited talk at Northwestern University’s Interactive Audio Lab titled Unity of Musical Spacetime on December 1st at 1pm.

William Chyr is visiting EVL on November 18th to talk about Manifold Garden, his architectural videogame project, and the artworks he created during its development.

Angus Forbes is giving an invited talk in the School of Design at Universidad de los Andes in Bogota, Colombia on November 13th.

The Data Improvisations exhibition and VISAP’15 research presentations and artist talks were an enormous success! Thanks to everyone who participated and all of the organizers who made it happen!

In conjunction with the VISAP’15 exhibition, Angus Forbes is moderating a panel at IEEE VIS titled “Creative Challenges at the Intersections of Visualization Research and New Media Arts,” featuring Eduardo Kac, Donna Cox, Dan Sandin, and Jo Wood.

A paper by Alessandro Chetta and Angus Forbes describing novel interfaces for electronic health records is accepted to the Workshop on Visual Anaytics in Healthcare. The paper was written in collaboration with Jane Carrington of University of Arizona, and will be presented at IEEE VIS in Chicago, Illnois in October.

Congratulations Kyle! Kyle Almryde and Angus Forbes are awarded Honorable Mention in “Visualize the Universe,” the 2015 IEEE Scientific Visualization Contest, for their submission, Halos in a Dark Sky: Interactively Exploring the Structure of Dark Matter Halo Merger Trees.

Welcome Minh and Marco! Hoang Minh Huynh Nguyen joins the Creative Coding Research Group as a PhD student to work on projects in media arts and visualization; Marco Cavallo, visiting from Politecnico di Milano, will work on interactive projects for mixed and augmented reality.

Massimo De Marchi’s research on the use of ambient displays for public transportation systems is accepted as a short paper to ACM SIGSPATIAL, to be presented in Seattle, Washington in November.

The Creative Coding Research Group has a paper and a performance featured at the International Computer Music Conference in September. Anıl Çamcı presents research on interactive virtual soundscapes; Christopher Jette will perform a multimedia composition developed in collaboration with Kelland Thomas, Javier Villegas, and Angus Forbes.

Welcome Anıl! Anıl Çamcı joins the Creative Coding Research Group in Fall 2015 as a post-doctoral researcher to investigate cross-modal narratives, generative audio, human-computer interaction, and multimedia design within mixed reality contexts.

Tuan Dang and Angus Forbes’s collaboration with Nico Franz and Bertram Ludäscher is accepted to VOILA’15, the ISWC Workshop on Visualizations and User Interfaces for Ontologies and Linked Data, to be presented in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania in October.

CS 526, Computer Graphics 2, a graduate seminar, is being taught by Angus Forbes on Wednesdays from 3:30pm to 7:00pm in EVL CyberCommons.

Summer 2015

Angus Forbes is a panelist for “Curating and Creating Electronic Works in Arts Contexts” at Electronic Literature Organization 2015, with Sandy Baldwin, Helen J. Burgess, Roderick Coover, Dene Grigar, and Mia Zamora.

Giorgio Conte and Angus Forbes have a paper accepted to Brain Informatics and Health, to be presented in London the last week in August. The paper discusses a novel visualization technique to explore the intrinsic geometry of the human brain connectome and documents our collaboration with Allen Ye, Olusola Ajilore, and Alex Leow of the Collaborative Neuroimaging Environment for Connectomics.

Angus Forbes and Paul Murray have a paper accepted to IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications. The paper, written in collaboration with Andres Burbano and George Legrady, introduces the Imagining Macondo project and will be featured in the Art on Graphics department, edited by Francesca Samsel and Bruce Campbell.

The VISAP’15 Call for Papers and Artworks is now open. VISAP’15, chaired by Angus Forbes, Daria Tsoupikova, and Fanny Chevalier, showcases innovative artwork and research that explores novel intersections between art and visualization. The theme this year is Data Improvisations; submissions are due on June 26th.

Dr. Steve Haroz of the Visual Thinking Lab at Northwestern University is visiting EVL on May 27th to talk about his work on evaluating ISOTYPE visualizations.

Congratulations Ronak! Ronak Etemadpour has accepted a faculty position in the Computer Science Department at Oklahoma State University, to begin Fall 2015.

Congratulations Christopher! Christopher Jette was named a Grant Wood Fellow in Music and has accepted a position as visiting assistant professor at University of Iowa, to begin Fall 2015.

Congratulations Francesco! Francesco Paduano has accepted a position at Dropbox in San Francisco, to begin Summer 2015.

Angus joins The Collaborative Neuroimaging Environment for Connectomics (CoNECt@UIC) as an affiliated faculty memeber. CoNECt is an interdisciplinary team of researchers and clinicians devoted to improving our understanding of brain connectivity using novel techniques from neuroimaging and computational neuroscience. More infmoration can be found at

Angus Forbes has a paper accepted to ACM SIGGRAPH, to be presented during the arts paper track in Los Angeles in early August. The paper, titled Articulating Media Arts Activities in Art-Science Contexts, will also appear in a future issue of Leonardo.

Angus Forbes is serving as the Arts Program chair of Expressive 2015. Expressive is the joint symposium on Computational Aesthetics (CAe), Sketch-Based Interfaces and Modeling (SBIM), and Non-Photorealistic Animation and Rendering (NPAR), and will take place June 20th through June 22nd in Istanbul, Turkey.

Spring 2015

Angus Forbes receives a College of Engineering Seed Funding Award to develop new visualization techniques to aid cancer researchers.

Dr. Tamara Munzner of the UBC InfoVis Group is visiting EVL on April 9th. She will attend Visualization and Visual Analytics 2 in the morning and provide feedback for student projects.

The Creative Coding Research Group has three papers accepted to BioVis 2015, the fifth Symposium on Biological Data Visualization, co-located with ISMB/ECCB 2015. Tuan Dang, Francesco Paduano, Paul Murray, Jillian Aurisano, and Angus Forbes will present their work in Dublin in early July.

Chihua Ma has a short paper accepted to EuroVis’15, to be presented in Sardinia at the end of May.

Angus Forbes is giving a talk at the Institute for Genomics and Systems Biology at University of Chicago on March 4th.

Angus Forbes is part of a team of artists awarded a commission to create a new interactive installation for the 2015 Bogotá International Book Fair, premiering on April 22nd in Bogotá, Colombia. The project, Imagining Macondo, honors the work of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and is developed in collaboration with George Legrady and Andres Burbano.

Angus Forbes is on the organizing committee of the 2015 Workshop on Visualizing Taxon Characters, Taxonomy Alignments, and other Taxonomy Knowledge Products, which will be held at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from May 11th-13th.

Angus Forbes has a digital humanities paper and an interactive art installation accepted to the Electronic Literature Organization Conference, to be presented in early August in Bergren, Norway.

Angus Forbes will present a talk on computational kinetic art at the 2015 International Kinetic Art Exhibit and Symposium on February 7th in Boynton Beach, Florida.

Welcome Francesco, Massimo, and Giorgio! Francesco Paduano, Massimo De Marchi, and Giorgio Conte, all visiting from Politecnico di Milano, join the Creative Coding Research Group as research assistants to work on various information visualization projects related to systems biology, neuroimaging, and transportation.

CS 524, Visualization and Visual Analytics 2, a graduate seminar, is being taught by Angus Forbes on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30am to 10:45pm in EVL CyberCommons.

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